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To purchase a book go to: www.drfredrbest.com and click on the store tab. We serve a great God, Apostle Frederick Best is not only an author, he is a pioneer, the owner of Best & Carroll Productions and yes God has blessed him with his own publication business. If you are in need of publishing a book please contact him. This book From Handicap to Handy is written from levels of revelations that is beyond a lot of people comprehension, have you ever thought about the encounters that Jesus had with those that were Handicap and the level of faith that they walked in. Did you know that handicap is not just natural but handicap can become a spiritual thing. There are so many pastors that have members in the church that are operating from a handicap spirit. Why is it that we have 90% of the people sitting on the sideline in the church while only 10% is working to move the church forward? What do I do when my child is born with a physical challenge, how do I raise him or her, what is the real definition for the word handicap, where does this word come from, could we possibly be doing more damage to our children by medicating them through the school system. This is a personal book from the heart of Dr. Frederick Best. In the natural he had to fight the giant of being labeled as a handicapped child, but through the amazing ability of God he has walked away from being handicapped to being handy. This book needs to be in the home of every person in the world.